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Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy Coaching Melbourne

What Will Pregnancy Coaching Do For Me?

So you are pregnant, and thus you are expecting. All around you are your doctor, perhaps a midwife, all of your friends, your sisters, your husband or significant other, your parents, the next door neighbour who has been imparting to you parenting advice since the day she found out you were pregnant, and of course all of your co-workers and the people you chat with on the computer, thus you are well supported from all sides. Perhaps…

Yes, you have all kinds of advisers, lots of information givers, and many who will preach at you, and yes even give you all manner of scary stories; perhaps instead what you really need is a pregnancy coach? Now a pregnancy coach will give support to you, for you, and with only you in mind.

A pregnancy coach will listen to you, and yes, actually hear you. Your pregnancy decisions will be supported, as well as your new identity – a Mum! You will be valued, guided, supported and if you have questions, your questions will be answered fully. After all you are embarking on a journey of a lifetime as well as making a life. It is an unforgettable time for you, and one that needs to be cherished.

Some Important Decisions…

There are, of course, many important decisions to be made when you are pregnant, and a pregnancy coach can be involved in many of them to help you decide what you truly need. For instance,

What health care provider to use:

  • Physician
  • Midwife with a physician
  • Natural childbirth
  • Hypnosis aided childbirth (Hypnobirthing)
  • Doula

Location of birth:

  • Hospital
  • Birthing Centre
  • Your own home

Not only can those questions be answered for you, but a pregnancy coach can go even deeper into your questions, your fears, your uncertainties, as well as your priorities.

Here are some of the ways a pregnancy coach can help you to:

  • Examine your ideals, determine your priorities for your best birth experience
  • Learn all the childbirth options available to you
  • Create your birth plan so that you are totally comfortable with it
  • Overcome any fears you may have regarding childbirth
  • Discover ways to nourish not just your pregnant body but also your soul
  • Gain useful tools as well as resources for your positive birth experience

With the use of a pregnancy coach, women find that all the processes of preparation for childbirth are very empowering. After all you can take classes, read all kinds of books, go to various workshops, and finally listen to your own woman’s intuition to make the proper choices. With a pregnancy coach, you will become highly active in the process and you will be able to take responsibility for your choices. After all, only you really know what is best for yourself as well as your baby.

Some of the other things that a pregnancy coach will teach you or cover with you are:

  • What to expect
  • Be quite ready to wait
  • Be flexible
  • Transitions are inevitable
  • Don’t be afraid to ask
  • Ask for help on staying focused and relaxed
  • Know and accept your limitations

For some, the news of pregnancy brings wonderful joy, for others fear sets in.  Pregnancy coaching helps guide both soon to be mum (and dad if he needs it) towards a well planned birth with minimal interference and great peace.

If you think you deserve to be in charge of your pregnancy and actually ENJOY this time of your life, then perhaps pregnancy coaching is for you. Contact Us Now to find out more.